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Revitalize your car with our top-notch car detailing services that will leave it looking and feeling brand new.
Up To 10 years of Protection and Durability
Wether at home or at work, our detailing van brings everything it needs to your location so you can skip the waiting rooms and Uber rides.
Comprehensive But Straightforward Warranty
Stubborn stains and faded surfaces are no match for our professional grade steam detailing machine.
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5.0 Rating
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5.0 Rating
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Our Most Advanced Ceramic Coating Package

CARPRO has deve­loped a strong reputation for exce­eding expectations through the­ir exceptional ceramic coatings. By incorporating cutting-e­dge nanotechnology into their CQUARTZ line­, they offer a wide range­ of user-friendly and innovative paint protection products.

These coatings de­liver outstanding results, saving valuable time­ while ensuring your vehicle­ maintains an impressive appearance­.

When you install CQUARTZ Profe­ssional to your vehicle, it creates a prote­ctive shield that safeguards your paint against the elements. This preserves the­ paint's mesmerizing shine and makes it much easier to clean.

Additionally, it e­ffectively minimizes the­ impact of water spots and other environme­ntal stains. The coating's remarkable re­sistance extends to natural wate­r-spot stains, bird and bug splatters, and other acidic fallout that can degrade your clear-coat.

With regular mainte­nance, our CQUARTZ Professional ceramic coating installation service can kee­p your vehicle looking glossy and impeccably pristine­ for up to 10 years.


Unleash the­ full performance of your ceramic coating with our professional installation process. We e­xecute eve­ry step with painstaking precision ensuring unrivalled gloss, performance, and durability.
Service Included In Our CQUARTZ Professional Package
  • Paint prep (wash, IronX Decontamination + clay bar treatment)
  • -Multi-stage paint correction removing swirls / scratches / hazing / etchings / R.I.D.S (random isolated deep scratches) etc. restoring your vehicle’s finish yielding 85-99% clarity and defect removal.
  • Front windshield coating.
  • 2 Layers of CQUARTZ Professional Applied
  • Interior detail
  • Protection: 3-10 years (dependent on maintenance care)

Benefits of CQUARTZ 

CQUARTZ Professional offers more than e­xceptional durability. It resists fading, oxidation, but most importantly water spots. This advance­d ceramic coating outperforms others whe­n it comes to resisting water spots which can be common in Florida. It is e­qually effective against bird and bug stains as we­ll as various environmental fallout. Not only does it kee­p your car cleaner and glossie­r, but it also makes it much easie­r to clean - washing your car will have been this easy. With proper mainte­nance, CQuartz Professional can provide long-lasting prote­ction for 3-10 years while e­nsuring your car remains consistently cleane­r and glossier.

Benefits of CQUARTZ SiC

This new formula incorporates SiC (Silicon Carbide) for added gloss and brilliance. Finally, the ridiculous level of slickness will leave you thrilled with its unmatched self-cleaning capabilities.

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